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Most of us have ever had with plastic models met, but it might not even realize. These are the exact replicas of existing cars, boats, airplanes and other vehicles, often including the crew. Plastic models are particularly suitable for those of you who have patience and do not mind spending hours working on the model. The reward is then the exact mock battle tank of the Second World War, model Prague tram or other transportation. If you want to create the impression of realism to your battlegrounds are only available to teams and military police, anti-tank teams, etc. If you have already made a model for the assembly will lack the tools, then do not worry for you, we have all the necessary accessories.

Sell plastic models from proven quality manufacturers. We plastic models AZmodel Revell , Mac Distribution, Zvezda, Dragon, Italeri, Bilek, Barnet, direction or Preiser. In our offer you can also paint, solvents and adhesives for plastic models .

few tips for beginning plastic modeler. To build the model, the following is recommended equipment not included in the model
Scissors (vyštipovací pliers), Modelling knife (scalpel set), files, abrasive paper (grit 1000-2000), sealants, paints according to the model , thinners, paints

for a successful model, the following guidelines
parts separate from the frame using scissors or pliers vyštipovacích. When assembling the model, follow the instructions in the attached images, each piece is numbered. When you use a bonding adhesive for plastic models (solvent and instant), Small Parts natírejte paint before separating from the frame. Decals gradually cut it out, about 20 seconds, place in warm water and then transferred to the designated moistened place on the model. Following the establishment aspirate the remaining moisture with absorbent paper

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Plastic models can be selected in the left menu by type . If you prefer to select by Manufacturer , you can use the drop-down menu on the right side just above the thumbnail of plastic models. You can also offer to arrange a by price or stock availability at a specific store. All options can be combined.


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