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Would you like to embark on a meadow plane and you do not want to buy more complicated and more expensive RC plane? Then free-flying models exactly right for you. They are produced in several versions: as GLIDERS , aircraft with rubber drive , free models with electric or flick GLIDERS . Sailplane are almost as classic swallows have modified shape so that the ejection flew to the maximum possible distance. With rubber-powered aircraft are powered by rubber twisted, so you need to stretch a plane flying to the stars. If you like this category of models seems too simple, we can assure you that this is an illusion. With precision dummy powered by rubber sign up for the World Cup! Some types of "gumboots" can be converted to a RC plane, so if you hesitate between RC plane and mac, you are such models as ideal. Definitely do not recommend converting model driven by rubber for RC model beginners, piloting a small model is very tricky and requires experience.

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