Gee Bee R-1 Racer 610 mm

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Manufacturer: Dumas
Goods code: 4SK0403
EAN: 660141004031

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Product Description

Dumas - Gee Bee R-1 Racer 610 mm - 4SK0403

Minimaketa U.S. special speed race around pylons with rubber actuator. Laser cut parts, propellers, rubber coating and volume. material. Wingspan 610 mm.

"Flying silos" from Granville Brothers (hence the "Gee Bee") are undoubtedly the best known and probably also the most extraordinary machines ever flew races around pylons. Granville Brothers firmly believed that pure teardrop hull shape is aerodynamically advantageous. Just a bare necessity forced them ideal drop "wrong" wing projecting canopy, and tail surfaces. They took care not to make this "distortion" is the smallest-the result was a missile flying incredibly fast, but also extremely undemanding. But also to participate in the Thompson Trophy in 1932 involved Jimmy Doolittle, who already had to his credit in Schneider's Cup victory with float Curtiss and world water speed record aircraft. Selecting this was correct, Doolittle - albeit narrowly - won. A year later R-1 crashed in the Bendix Trophy (remote speed race across America, which always preceded pylon Thompson Trophy) and its pilot was killed. After repairing crashed again, this time pilot survived with serious injuries. After the machine has changed owner, who rebuilt it against the advice of Granville - and he became fatal. Other pieces continuously maintained and an evolutionary Gee Bee fought the Thompson and Bendix Trophy until the end of the 30th years - their biggest rivals, the machines were Wedell-Williams Model "44" (Gilmore Racer) and Howard "Mr. Mulligan" which you can also build a stupid combat DUMAS construction of a SIG from our menu.

Kit U.S. firms DUMAS Aircraft is the ideal machine for hobbyists who already has at least basic experience in building small models powered by rubber (as the very model of obtaining experience with classical building is recommended to build as one of the high-wing cabin from Guillow's or HERR) . You will improve in the works "žbrdličkové" fuselage and wings, paper coating and painting, preparation and maintenance of the rubber volume zalétávání - just all those wonderful skills modelařiny genuine classic. Given the size and complexity of the original model is already building quite a bit, but due to high preprocessed laser engraved works it goes like clockwork.

Kit freely flying speed semiscales special for racing around pylons designed to drive by rubber. Model is a classic balsa construction in Rozsyp with laser carved wooden parts, scale accessories from vacuum-molded plastic and plastic parts drawn by injection molding. The hull is constructed right minimaketářskou technology with dividers and plenty of stringers, which allow faithfully reproduce the rounded shapes of modern machines. Built in two steps - thanks to "slit" in the vertical plane stand directly on the countertop first half of the fuselage, and then the "dolepíte" half a second. Thus it is ensured that the hull complicated shapes stand straight and symmetrical, without needing any special preparations. The wing is a classic design of beams and ribs, tail strips of balsa wood and laser-carved pieces.

Gilmore Racer is also suitable for conversion to RC model - is no longer large enough to support the total current mini RC equipment with 5-6 grams servos. The drive can be an AC motor class AXI 2204 and two cells Li-Po 300-800 mAh

Kit includes: Laser cut balsa parts, balsa wood beams, vacuum-molded parts (engine cover, canopy ...), plastic propeller shaft and head, rubber harness (FAI contest rubber TAN II), bicycles, steel strings on chassis and other small parts, colored lining paper sheet of stickers, building plan.

Wingspan: 610 mm
Length: 427 mm
Weight producer tactic

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