Curtiss P-40 Warhawk 711 mm laser-carved

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Product Description

The mock American fighter aircraft from II. sv. War with rubber actuator. Die-cut parts, propellers, rubber coating and volume. material. Wingspan 711 mm. Suitable for conversion to RC electro.

Curtiss P-40 Warhawk was not among the most powerful fighter plane II. World War II, but over battlefields of North Africa, the Mediterranean and the Pacific has done a great deal of useful work. He bravely fought opponents who can usually overcome speed or agility, famous mainly as an excellent fighter-bomber.

Free Flight Scale Model Kit low-wing fighter designed to drive by rubber; instructions and plans allow you to build a model as well as a free-flying powered internal combustion engine 0.33 cc or tethered model with an internal combustion engine 0.8-1ccm.

Model is a classic balsa construction in Rozsyp with laser carved wooden parts, scale accessories from vacuum-molded plastic, plastic injection molding parts drawn by a předseknutými parts of "plastic plywood", a light and strong material to replace traditional plywood. The hull is constructed of course right minimaketářskou technology with baffles and a plurality of longitudinal, allowing faithfully reproduce the rounded shapes. Built in two steps - thanks to "slit" in the vertical plane stand directly on the countertop first half of the fuselage, and then the "dolepíte" half a second. Thus it is ensured that the hull complicated shapes stand straight and symmetrical, without needing any special preparations. Since it is a small model for advanced builders, you should already have prior experience with classical building and test-flying models powered by rubber.

Warhawk is also suitable for conversion to RC model with electric drive - although this construction plan of variants offer for experienced modellers would not be a big problem.

Kit includes: předseknuté balsa parts, balsa wood beams, laser-cut plywood parts from plastic, vacuum-molded parts Scale (bonnet, cab ...), plastic propeller shaft and head, rubber harness (5x1mm rubber), plastic wheels, steel strings the chassis and other small parts, plastic wheels, lining paper handle a rocker for tethered model, wet decal sheet, building plan.

Tip for building: Předseknuté parts NEVYLAMUJTE! Turn the cutting board, place it on a work surface and lightly sand the fine sandpaper (No. 220 or finer). Parts can then be easily separated; should still have some wood fibers "bound" to a cutting board, carefully separate the part of the pattern, using a sharp knife (suitable as Excel No.1 knife with a blade 11).

Treatment of rubber volume: a new eraser gently wash it in soapy water and allow to dry. Then lubricate it with castor oil (sold in pharmacies) or silicone grease for the lubrication of fishing line (you get the fishing tackle shops). After flying with the volume model, remove and store it in a sealed plastic bag. Lubricated rubber volume depends more smoothly and with less friction - gives more power and last longer. The new volume is also advisable to first fetch - for the first 2-3 years only to turn the 80-100 revolutions before it can safely shoot more.

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