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1:35 SU-76M

1:35 SU-76M

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Price in e-shop with VAT: 35,10 €
Price in store: 36,94 €
Manufacturer: Tamiya
Goods code: 79735348

Product Description

The SU-76M filled an important and particularly pressing Soviet need for an effective self-propelled gun against invading German forces after the start of Operation Barbarossa in WWII. Based upon the T-70 light tank chassis, it was production-friendly and some 11,000 were manufactured between 1943 and 1945. Its 76.2mm ZiS-3 gun helped it to play a valuable part offering supporting fire and as an anti-tank weapon. Superior mobility was its calling card, and the SU-76M was also able to operate in close unison with infantry units.

Kit Characteristic:

  • The kit contains of three lifelike figures.


  • Scale: 1:35,
  • No. of Decal Options: 2.

Required Items:

  • the colors (on request),
  • glue for plastic models,
  • thinner,
  • brushes.

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Goods code: 79735348

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