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Product Description

Introduced to the world at the Milan Motor Show in 2011, the 1199 Panigale was developed around a monocoque rather than Ducati's traditional trellis-frame. It makes liberal use of famed Italian manufacturer Ducati's race experience and extracts 195hp out of a 1198cc liquid-cooled L-Twin engine. In an inventive twist, the engine itself is part of the bike's frame, and connected directly to the airbox/monocoque, swing arm and seat rail. The result is a lightweight and extremely durable vehicle. A wealth of electronic components helps to control engine output, suspension characteristics and more. The bike's sleek design has won it plaudits and awards from around the world.

Kit Characteristic:

  • Kit depicts the bike in Italian version.
  • The construction of the model allows appreciation of the inventive structure of the bike, with engine integrated into the monocoque frame and directly connected to the swing arm, damper unit and so on.
  • Distinctive cowling shapes are accurately reproduced.
  • Side cowlings are attached with small screws and can be removed even after assembly is complete.
  • Features metal damper coil spring on the bike's left side.
  • Tire tread pattern is faithfully depicted.
  • Metal transfers recreate mirror surfaces.
  • Features moving kickstand, and separate racing stand parts.


  • Scale: 1:12,
  • Length: 173 mm.

Required Tamiya Colors:

  • X-1, X-2, X-10, TS-6, TS-8, TS-34.

Required Items:

  • the colors,
  • glue for plastic models,
  • thinner,
  • brushes.

Product inquiry: 1:12 Ducati 1199 Panigale S

Goods code: 79714129

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