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Russian ZVEZDA company mainly offers models that served in the armies of the former Warsaw Pact country, (even in the army CSSR)

Mil Mi-24 is a twin-engine battle a large multi-purpose helicopter designed for close air support of ground troops, destroying tanks and armored targets, the transport of 8 persons or 1,500 kg of material in the cargo hold. NATO assigned to it by the code name "Hind" (Czech "LAN"). Export version of the helicopter are known as Mi-25 and Mi-35 unit. Basic armament of the helicopter is rotating in the Add Location quad minigun 9A624 12.7 mm or dvojkanon GS-23 caliber 23 mm. Additional weaponry and equipment may be underslung on four pylons under the wings auxiliary. At the ends of the wings are mountings for anti-tank missiles. D version has additional tanks in the cargo hold. Perseverance helicopter can be increased to nearly four hours of flight and range to over 800 km. The helicopter participated in many conflicts around the world, probably the most important was the Soviet war in Afghanistan.

Product inquiry: 1:72 Mil Mi - 24 V / VP Hind E

Goods code: 79607293

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