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1:72 scale models are offered for players of wargames, but they would refuse or current modeler.

Tank T-34 was definitely one of nejpokrokověji solved tanks in history, from whose design is based on the vast majority of modern armored vehicles. As such it is often called the second best tank World War II. The wide belts, large casters and a strong diesel motor to achieve high speed and excellent flotation. Sloping armor force of up to 70 mm provided the second half of 1942, the advantage of resistance against all types of German tanks and anti-tank weapons except anti-aircraft guns 8,8 cm Flak 18th Its biggest advantage, however, was a simple structure, which allowed the Soviets to build it in almost unlimited quantities. T-34 in its first version, however, also had his big design flaw. Was the battle tower, although when viewed in perfect harmony with oblique lines of the side armor of the hull was too small, so in addition to the gun F-34 entered a gunner and commander, but the charger is not. Especially in the wild dogfights with German tanks, it was a great disadvantage, because the commander had guidance in addition to the driver and gunner still charge the gun, the ammunition supply is mainly found under the floor of the tower, which was necessary to remove before ... In the cramped conditions inside it was almost superhuman task difficulties in addition the need for constant vigilance. Cannon F-34 had recoil is quite large, which ended production on many Russian tank commanders of their lives. Soviets, this problem has been partially solved with the new variant T-34/76D hexagonal tower with more interior space, but still in double digits. From mid-1943 T34/76 was then gradually replaced with new versions T-34/85, a three tower equipped gun ZIS-3-53 caliber 85mm, which is able, unlike its predecessor, pierce the front armor of the German heavy tank Tiger I a Panther.

Module length: 82 mm
Difficulty: 2
Decals for one version

Must buy:
The colors (on request)
Glue for plastic models

Product inquiry: 1:72 wargames T 34/76 m42

Goods code: 79507008

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