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Helicopter model in 1:72 scale from the Italian company ITALERI offer a nice treatment and many details for a nice price.

AH-64D is the culmination of the modern American helicopter gunship. Advanced model AH-64D Apache Longbow is equipped with an improved set of radar and weapon systems for better survivability. The main improvements in comparison type A dome AN/APG-78 installed above the main rotor, in which the radar Longbow. It operates at millimeter waves. Labeling is an acronym FCR (Fire Control Radar) and is better than frequency radar (Radar Frequency Inferometer, RFI).
Increased radar position above the main rotor of the helicopter that is actually, you can quickly search, classify and identify stationary and mobile enemy targets in any weather and subsequently destroy these targets. And even if the helicopter itself is hidden behind an obstacle (obstacle terrain, trees or buildings). These skills have also improved thanks Hellfire missiles that can fly arc over these obstacles.
Other improvements include upgrading the systems of type D at the level of communication between Apache, even when others do not have primary contact with the target. In this way, a group of Apache helicopters at once defuse the number of enemy targets in targeting only one helicopter. Apache helicopters, which contain all these improvements are still referred to as the AH-64D Longbow, even if they do not have a dome at the end of the rotor shaft. This by the way is detachable and can be exchanged between helicopters.
Helicopters were also upgraded rotors powerful T700-GE-701C and a fully integrated cockpit. Front armored hull was expanded to accommodate new systems. Most existing capacity remained unchanged from the original version A. The first version of the AH-64D successfully took off on the 29th September 1995.
In February 2003 came the first modified Army Apache Block II. Block II includes the modernization of digital communication systems.
Modernisation Block III was launched in 2008. They include increasing digitization, the joint tactical radio system, enhanced engines and flight control capability to control UAVs, new composite rotor blades, improved landing gear. The new rotor blades, which successfully completed testing in May 2004, increased its helicopter cruising speed, horizontal climb and maneuverability. The U.S. Army plans to modernize the entire fleet of AH-64D Apache Block III standard.

Model Length: 210mm
Difficulty: 2
Decals for 3 versions

Must buy:
The colors (on request)
Glue for plastic models

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Goods code: 79500080

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