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RC boats and accessories

RC boats and accessories

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the RC boat and other accessories includes both complete sets RC boat, ie compiled a ship that is out of the box ready to use, as well as construction of ships of various levels (from the additional installation of the RC system to the need complete assembly RC boats including obšívkového planking). In separate sections, see specific RC craft - submarines and sailboat (with an auxiliary engine or not). In the last category you will find a variety of accessories (lifebuoys, sailors, ...) and accessories (shafts, rudders).


Vodní chladič 2040 pro řadu 130,
u dodavatele
1,85 € 1,77 €
Hawse Pipe 12 mm (25pcs).
1 pcs
3,36 € 2,69 €
1:75 NORDIC Rescue Ship.
1 622,26 € 1 589,81 €
1:150 YAMATO Battle Ship.
1 622,26 € 1 589,81 €
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