1/10 1:10 electric Beetle Truck RTR set of 2.4 GHz

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Manufacturer: Himoto
Goods code: HMHI2101RC-ZL
EAN: 4894220058622

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Product Description

Body beetle chassis monster truck at 1:10 and drive the front and rear axles. Model RC kits including 2.4 GHz, dc motor, propulsion battery and AC charger. In the blue version.

Another of the models designed mainly for beginners and recreational poježdění even in challenging terrain Beetle Truck. It is a monster truck model in 1:10 scale complete body known bug, driven by a DC electric motor size "540" and drive 4WD. Model is already a classic design. The main material is a plastic filled with glass fibers. Holders (antlers) dampers and top plate, which forms the reinforcement of the chassis are purple anodized aluminum. Similarly, the surface is modified as massive radiator cap and oil dampers. Front and rear axle differentials are equipped with planetary gear. Hubs and differentials are fitted with ball bearings. The upper arm and spojovačky controls are equipped with hexagon bolts and right / left threaded for easy adjustment and alignment chassis. Is driven by a DC motor "540" controlled bidirectional controller. The procedure is used Volantová-channel radio system operating in the 2.4 GHz band.

The set is completely assembled model fitted with a motor and controller, wheel kit RC 2.4 Ghz and 7.2 V power pack with mains charger.

100% assembled model
Motor "540" equipped with a cooling
Two-way controller
Volantová 2.4 Ghz radio system
Planetary differential with
Fully equipped with ball bearings
Oil dampers
The adjustable geometry chassis
Nalkovaná body including stickers

Length: 400mm
Width: 310 mm
Height: 185 mm
St. height: 30mm
Wheelbase: 275 mm
Weight: 1630 g

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