deHavilland DH-89 Dragon Rapide 1,067 mm

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Manufacturer: Dumas
Goods code: 4SK1815
EAN: 660141018151

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Product Description

Dumas - deHavilland DH-89 Dragon Rapide 1,067 mm - 4SK1815

Semi British twin-engine transport biplane in Rozsyp for electric class the AXI 2204 až 2208th Classic balsa construction with laser cut-outs. parts, lining paper accessories. Controlled ailerons, rudder, elevator.

De Havilland company, known for its time progressive aa fast light bombers DH-4 and DH-9 from the end of the First World War at the turn of the 20th and 30 years of the last century had slept little. For years, concocted and built an elegant two-or even four-engined "modern" cabin biplane on short routes. The most famous of these is probably the model DH.89 Dragon Rapide, which is also produced for the RAF as a transport and combat training with the name "Dominie". Dragon Rapida flying today - if you visit the UK, thanks to Classic Wings (2 machines) or other operators, you can go back in time and experience the comfort of the passenger aircraft of 30 years. Sightseeing flight over Duxford need is an experience of a lifetime. Note that the maximum allowable weight of the passenger is 20 stones!

Kit U.S. firms DUMAS Aircraft is the ideal machine for the advanced modeler / architect who has been greater experience in building small models powered by rubber or piloting gliders and RC model operated around all three axes. I really thoroughly enjoy "žbrdličkovou" fuselage and wings, paper coating and varnishing - work "as a church", but it's due to highly preprocessed laser engraved works like clockwork.

Kit RC semiscales British transport biplane designed to drive two motors. Model is a classic balsa construction in Rozsyp with laser carved wooden parts, scale accessories from vacuum-molded plastic, plastic parts drawn by injection molding and metal. The hull is constructed normal minimaketářskou technologies from the side of balsa wood glued beams that connect polopřepážkami and bars in the truss frame. The resulting shapes get stuck after any additional stringers. The wing is a classic design of beams and ribs, tail strips of balsa wood and laser-carved pieces. Minor "tweaks" is making the peripheral parts of tail from balsa wood strips laminated wet. You get so easily surprisingly strong and very light parts - without the use of carbon! Drawings necessary templates again refer. The entire model can be coated paper supplied in the kit or a suitable lightweight iron-on transfer with little shrinkage, such as Airspan or Litespan.

Dragon Rapide is designed to drive two small DC motors with gearbox - as the drive unit GWS, which are plotted on the plan. Nowadays most likely choose a small AC motor - in this case, you have to be redesigned motor mount (insert a new motor mount from 1.5-2 mm birch plywood). Total easily it should go when using "outrunners" with a diameter of 22 mm, as Himax C2212-1180 used in the model from Multiplex Merlin. The common outrunners diameter 28 mm is due to the small width of the engine nacelles greater challenge - motor (in the normal position with the collet tang propeller) can be fastened behind the forehead using the "L" bracket of 1 mm duralumin sheet and attached to překližkovému "language" or stronger spruce beam under the engine. "Language" or beam is anchored to the motor bulkhead and reinforcement struts, just as it is plotted on a plan for the drive unit GWS. For relaxed flying just class AXI 2208 motors and Li-poly two-or tříčlánek 1100-1300 mAh. "Namotorování" We recommend not overdoing it - it's a park-flyer, not a rocket. For take-off from the asphalt track, you can use the propeller diameter to 7 inches from flying perfectly zastřiženého turf is safer to choose a six inch propeller (see table).

Kit includes: Laser cut balsa parts, balsa wood beams, vacuum-molded parts (engine cover, canopy ...), steel strings on chassis and other small parts, lightweight foam wheels, colored lining paper sheet of stickers, building plan.

Wingspan: 1067 mm
Length: 762 mm
Wing Area: 18.8 dm2
Weight: The manufacturer does not give
Features: S, V, K, M
Difficulty: S3/P2-3

Hand selected balsa
Plan scale 1:1
Vacuum moldings
Light colored lining paper

Recommended drive and RC equipment:

Engine 2x GWS IPS-S2 (3.5:1) RAY C2826/18 Himax C2212-1180 2x FOXY C2209/24 2 AXI 2208/26
Regulator JES 020 2x FOXY R-12B 2x FOXY R-12B 2x FOXY R-12B 2x FOXY R-12B
Battery RAY 7.4 V 1600 mAh RAY 7.4 V 1100 mAh RAY 11.1 V 1100 mAh RAY 11.1 V 1100 mAh RAY 11.1 V 1100 mAh
Propeller 2x GWS 7x6 " 2x APC 6x4E 2x APC 6x4E 2x APC 6x4E 2x APC 6x4E
Serva 4x HS-55
RC kit min. 4 channels

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