HS-75BB (Landing Gear Servo)

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  • Product Description

  • Technical Data:

Product Description

Special landing gear servo standard size with increased thrust with plastic gears to the output shaft supported by ball bearings embedded in a box with reduced height. Servo has two positions, monospace; ranges between endpoints with the displacement of 180 °. Size deflections can not be set.

Standard size servo
Type of analog servos
Tah at 4.8V [kg / cm] 6.6
Tah at 6.0V [kg / cm] 8.2
Speed ​​at 4.8V [s/60st.] 0.45
Speed ​​at 6.0V [s/60st.] 0.34
Gears Servo plastic
Ball bearings 1xBB
No high-voltage
[V] 4.8 - 6
Length [mm] 44
Width [mm] 23
Height [mm] 25
Weight [g] 35
Designed for aircraft

Technical Data:

Velikost serva Standard
Typ serva analogové
Tah při 4.8V [kg/cm] 6.6
Tah při 6.0V [kg/cm] 8.2
Rychlost při 4.8V [s/60st.] 0.45
Rychlost při 6.0V [s/60st.] 0.34
Převody serva plastové
Kuličková ložiska 1xBB
Highvoltage ne
Napájení [V] 4.8 - 6
Délka [mm] 44
Šířka [mm] 23
Výška [mm] 25
Hmotnost [g] 35
Určeno pro letadla


Návod pro serva Hitec

Návod pro serva Hitec

Návod k používání serv značky Hitec 20.03.2012

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