Super Zoom 2 - color blue

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Price in store: 100,64 €
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Manufacturer: Hacker
Goods code: HC1302C

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Product Description

Superakrobatický model for the "3D" aerobatic flying. It is made entirely of modern technology on CNC machines from almost indestructible EPP (expanded polypropylene).
Powerplant MEGA 400/15/7R with a propeller 10/4, 7 "and 3S LiPo battery 800 mAh allow you to get the flight model weight
from 390 grams!
The model is able to half throttle hang on the propeller and the throttle to fly straight up, it is able to fly knife edge loop
flight and all other "3D" acrobatic elements. The model can fly virtually everyone, and thanks to its design and the materials used is nearly indestructible and can withstand even "unfriendly" treatment. The model is capable of flying in the wind up to 6 m / s
Super Zoom comes in four color modifications, all EPP parts are quality printed CAD technology.

The fuselage, wing, elevator and rudder of the EPP finish quality printing, chassis, wheels, engine, rods and all necessary hardware, detailed building instructions with many photos.

You will need: 4 Channel RC Set with 3 micro servos, power 150-200W, 18A controller, cone 28 mm, propeller 10/4, 7 "+ prop, battery, Li-Po 730 to 1500 mAh 3-cell, thin CA glue, Activator spray.

Technical data
Wingspan: 1000 mm
Length: 1010 mm
Flying Weight: from 390 g

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