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Estes - Loadstar - Skill level 2 (12pcs)

Estes - Loadstar - Skill level 2 (12pcs)

View Product - Estes - Loadstar - Skill level 2 (12pcs)

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Price in e-shop with VAT: 174,19 €
Price in store: 183,36 €
Manufacturer: Estes
Goods code: RD-ES1760

Product Description

Loadstar is a rocket that reaches a height of 220 m! But do not worry about getting lost in the clouds. It tolerates slightly down on the colorful parachute. Package includes 12 pieces at a discounted price.

Recommended engines: 4-B4, B6-4 (first year), C6-5

Technical Data:

Length 57.4 cm
Average 34 mm
Weight 62.4 g
Return Parachute 30.5 cm
Altitude 221 m

Dotaz na produkt: Estes - Loadstar - Skill level 2 (12pcs)

Goods code: RD-ES1760

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