The rocket motor 1/2A3-2T, price for 4 pieces

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Product Description

Model rocket motor is used to drive the model rocket or space shuttle launched from the ramp.

Length 45 mm
Average 13 mm

Each engine is supplied in one piece pin stop.

Designation of rocket engines:

A 0.00 to 2.50 Ns
B 2.51 to 5.00 Ns
C 5.01 to 10.00 Ns
D 10.01 to 20.00 Ns

A - motor impulse to 2.5 Ns
4 - medium move 4 N
5 - 5 s delay

Warning - missile may be sold only to persons older than 18 years.

It is prohibited:
Aiming models against persons or buildings. Do not release models in the vicinity of easily flammable objects.
RM release the model in confusing terrain and in places where it could be vulnerable to air traffic.
Launching models with RM in the dry season or when high winds and freely without ramps.
It is prohibited to disassemble or modify engines RM.
It is forbidden to rehearse or perform RM engines indoors or in enclosed buildings.
Engines must not be used for any purpose other than to drive the models.
It is forbidden to throw into the fire engines.
The construction of models may be used, metal or other hard materials.
Model must be equipped with safe recovery device - parachute, streamer, etc.
The construction materials are recommended as balsa, paper and plastic.

Engines keep in cool, dry place. Protect your health and your onlookers. Avoid inhalation of combustion of rocket fuel.

Technical Data:

Označení 1/2A3-2T
Celkový impuls 1.25 N.s
Zpoždění výmetu 2 s
Maximální nosnost 57 g
Průměrný tah 3 N
Doba hoření 0.3 s
Maximální tah 5 N
Počáteční hmotost 6.4 g
Hmotnost náplně 1.9 g
Rozměr ø13 x 44 mm


Product inquiry: The rocket motor 1/2A3-2T, price for 4 pieces

Goods code: RD-ES1503

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