Orion Rocket Pack 2 5100 mAh 7.2 V

Product no longer available for order
Manufacturer: TEAM ORION
Goods code: ORI10373
EAN: 7612888103730

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  • Product Description

  • Technical Data:

Product Description

TEAM ORION - Orion Rocket Pack 2 5100 mAh 7.2 V - ORI10373

NiMh šestičlánek designed to drive a radio controlled model boats, cars and aircraft. Included is a reduction of the Tamiya type connectors, TRX, EC3

Total weight: 431 g
Type: NiMh
Cell Size: SC
Number of Cells: 6
Jm.napětí: 7.2 V
Jm.kapacita: 5100 mAh
Recommended Imax: 50 A
Dimensions 135 x 45 x 23 mm
Connector Tamiya, Dean, TRX, EC3

Technical Data:

Počet článků 6
Kapacita 5100 mAh
Napětí 7.2 V
Rozměry 25 x 47 x 139 mm
Hmotnost 425 g
Maximální trvalý vybíjecí proud 51 A (10C)
Nabíjecí proud 5.1 A (1C)
Konektor Venom UNI

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