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Sky Surfer X8 PNP (without transmitter)

Sky Surfer X8 PNP (without transmitter)

View Product - Sky Surfer X8 PNP (without transmitter)

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Price in e-shop with VAT: 89,59 €
Price in store: 94,30 €
Manufacturer: X-UAV
Goods code: LY-SO1-X8-PNP

Product Description

Electric motor glider with 1372 mm wingspan particularly suitable for pilots - beginners. Model is 90% assembled.

Version X8 provides, inter alia, the following improvements
Reinforced hull design for increased durability
The carbon in the wing spar to increase strength
New 3-blades propellers for increased efficiency and increase thrust power unit
Transparent booth for a more realistic appearance of the

Set contains
The fuselage with installed AC (brushless) motor, controller 20A and micro wing with installed servos, carbon clutch wings, elevator, rudder, propeller, small accessories, Czech instruction.

You will need
4-Channel 2.4 GHz RC transmitter, 6-channel receiver, charger, 8x AA NiMH or alkaline battery to power RC transmitter.

Wingspan 1372 mm
Length 870 mm
Wing area 24 dm2
Weight without batteries 596 g

Dotaz na produkt: Sky Surfer X8 PNP (without transmitter)

Goods code: LY-SO1-X8-PNP

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