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Manufacturer: EMax
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Product Description

Emax have designed a series of specific swash servos for 450 size helicopters. And now you will be able to have a high quality swash servo for you 450 size helicopters with a very attractive price!


Increase torque and speed to a higher level than stronger gear set and case made engineering plastics
Dual-bearing and large diameter shaft design minimize the diastema and keep the servo operating smoothly for a long time
Different structure strengthens gear hardness, maximizes transmissions efficiency, and provides a higher torque from same drive current
Applies NOBBLE potentiometer which assures the coherence

Technical Data:

Velikost serva Mini
Typ serva Digitální
Tah při 4.8V [kg/cm] 2.3
Tah při 6.0V [kg/cm] 2.6
Rychlost při 4.8V [s/60st.] 0.10
Rychlost při 6.0V [s/60st.] 0.08
Převody serva Kovové
Kuličková ložiska 2xBB
Highvoltage Ne
Napájení [V] 4.8 - 6
Délka [mm] 23
Šířka [mm] 12
Výška [mm] 24.5
Hmotnost [g] 14.8
Určeno pro Vrtulníky třídy 450

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Goods code: ES09MD

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