Bolt medium zelené střední 5-15s (56,7g)

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OC Letňany 3 pcs
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Manufacturer: WMP
Goods code: 777322
EAN: 8595213493227

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Product Description

WMP - Bolt medium zelené střední 5-15s (56,7g) - 777322

Cyanoacrylate Adhesive - cured humidity. The speed of polymerization is influenced by the amount of applied adhesive and moves to tens of seconds. There is a connection with high strength, resistant to water, alcohol, petrols, oils, UV rays and weathering. Thus glue metals, most plastics, glass, ceramics, rubber, leather, porcelain, wood, balsa, film coating ORACOVER, ORALINE and under. Materials can be hard, soften, porous and non-porous. In the case of porous materials penetrate to a depth of a link sent. Non-sticky PR, PP, glue Teflon.Tato by its high tack did not come into contact with skin or clothing. If you glue your fingers glue if skin clothing or other materials used rozlepovač, or let your skin sweat and loosen the connections. Never non-violence. When the penetration into the eye a few seconds blind eyelids. We use water to rinse and immediately look up a doctor. CHILDREN DO NOT BELONG TO THE HAND!! Adhesives sold in several packages and different densities. According densities are fitted with multicolored label.
Black Label sparse super-fast 1-second adhesive suitable for bonding materials (including balsa) that we can before bonding to each other and then attach a future connection from outside swipe glue.
Red or pink label - sparse rapid adhesive to five seconds for bonding non-absorbent materials.
Green Label - medium thick glue in 10 seconds intended for bonding porous materials for fully enforced by the mating surfaces.
Blue Label - thick glue to 20 seconds for gluing nelícujících connections. As a suitable complement to this adhesive is filling powder - filler, which at least partially make up the missing material.
Yellow Label - special thin adhesive designed for bonding balsa. Suitable for bonding wood.

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