Fiala Electric 16x12

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Manufacturer: Fiala propellers
Goods code: 6871612

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Product Description

Electric propeller
Dimension series propeller Fiala electric motors designed for výkonnovou should encompass a range of electric motors from 800W and above as far as the manufacturers of electric motors adventures.

Interestingly propeller of this series was used in the year 2008 the first Czech electrical UL.

How are propeller Fiala propellers?

The material we use to manufacture our propeller is beech wood. When buying lumber pile to first select an appropriate logs and let it cut according to our requirements. Once again this can take the lumber and dried in its own selection condensation dryers. This principle of drying wood is very friendly and makes sure that does not create hidden defects within the masses of dried wood.
Preparation of semi-
Preparation of blanks is performed traditional joinery techniques on standard machines. There is an emphasis both on the right lay the pieces and fibers, lumber and also for dimensional accuracy and flatness of the stock. For larger sizes of blanks will bond more vrtev. We use a special glue which hardens after it retains some flexibility. Self-bonding is performed in a hydraulic press with automamickým control which maintains a constant pressing force throughout the curing of the adhesive.

Custom machining shape of the propeller is in own applications standard 3D machining technology. Processing is performed on specially designed machines designed for this specific production. Machines are our design and production.

Since the machining shape is very accurate, is just finishing in the final sanding and polishing the propeller abrasive brush. Painting is done plyuratanovými paint in three layers, as recommended by the paint manufacturer. At the same time when painting is done static balancing propellers and přestružení centering hole. Normally, the centering hole in H7 tolerance.

From the second half r.2009 assume that all the propeller diameter of 34 inches will be packaged in tz. blister packs hanging. Packaging should fucking had to serve as protection during storage at the customer.

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