CESSNA 182 new ARF 6k blue

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Manufacturer: FMS
Goods code: 4ST19880
EAN: 8595241352749

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Product Description

FMS - CESSNA 182 new ARF 6k blue - 4ST19880

Like the Piper Cub is a defining symbol of sport aircraft 30th and 40 years, from 50 to the present, the icon of a sports aviation aircraft Cessna brand. Since 1956, it has produced more than 24,000 different versions of the machine with the traditional name Skylane. Throughout this long period varied engines, interiors and design, but the characteristic features of the ancestral wing aircraft with tricycle landing gear, large and richly glazed cab and a flat engine in the nose, remain at first sight easily recognizable.

Our new improved version Cessna 182 goes back a bit further in pushing the limits of models made of EPP foam. Today span 1400 mm surprise, but this time we had a really depend on Scale appearance. We have an elegant cabin with tinted windows, a sophisticated chassis with wing flaps and ailerons controlled and functional lighting with navigation lights and anti-collision beacon. Large size, attractive appearance, Scale detail, pleasant flying characteristics - the ideal holiday model for anyone who has already mastered piloting school models such as Pioneer, Beta 1400, Alpha 1500 ...

The hull model of EPP foam comes fitted with a brushless motor with rotating case (class AXI 2814 or RAY C3536) with fitted AC regulator and the rudder and elevator servos. At the bottom of the hull is a battery compartment easily accessible through removable plastic cover. The Cessna will need Li-poly tříčlánky at least 1800 mAh á 20C, but "can carry" greater tříčlánky 2000-3300 mAh with which appropriately extended duration. The cowl is removable from the EPP, a pair of magnets mounted on the sides.

Tail of EPP are fixed affixed to the molded notches and grooves in the hull using contact adhesive supplied in the kit or medium glue. Rudder and elevator servos are accessible after removing the cover with magnetic closure on the underside of the fuselage behind the cockpit.

The wing also made of EPP foam with polosouměrným profile is a two-piece, jointed tubular carbon connection. The hull is fitted front 2 pins and 2 screws at the back. The ailerons and flaps are controlled by two servos stored in the wing with short straight wire rods. Before connecting rods recommend the helm of "motion" repeated careful deflecting up and down respectively. left and right.

Tricycle landing gear with a foot controlled bow is wired, with elegant plastic covers ("booties"). Controlled by the ailerons, flaps, rudder, elevator and motor speed.

To control the model you need at least a six-channel, but rather seven-RC kit that allows independent control of the aileron and flap servos. In
You can adjust aileron differential, for starters, we recommend 10-20% - that is the down aileron deflection is slightly smaller compared to the upward deflection. In this way, sweeten control model, which will be less likely to vyplavávat of a corner. A similar effect can be achieved using a mix aileron-rudder. The lights do not require any special channel for control, for power to engage in free channel receiver, or using Y-cable as the channel rudder.

Cessna 182 is designed for intermediate modelers. Model as a scale model of sport "bednovitého" high-wing, introduces some features that are typical of similar machines - you will be required to correct the coordinated control model rudder, ailerons and elevator. This experience is "like finding" no later than right after you start flying with their first aerobatic models or (semi) scale model of any kind. Now, you get used to knyply on the transmitter are not for decoration, but to ensure that the right way and at the right time used. It's cruel to us, but then we'd be grateful for. Her domain is of course a quiet buzzing that gives you as colleagues at the airport enough time to enjoy its graceful shapes, but after some "roll-away" reliably handles loop Wing Over a barrel roll. Just sports wing aircraft, as it should be!

ARF kit includes: ready-made model with brushless motor, three-blade propeller cone, speed controller and servos 6, a set of small accessories and extension cables, contact adhesive EPP and instructions.

Wingspan: 1400 mm
Length: 1100 mm
Wing Area: 27dm2
Weight: approx 1500 mm
Features: S, V, K (2), F (2) M
Difficulty: S1/P2

Drive and RC equipment:
Motor: C3536-KV900
Controller: 30A brushless
Propeller: 11x9 "three-blade
Battery: RAY G3 11.1 V 2200 mAh
Servos: 6x micro

Set contains receiver and transmitter.

Recommendation: RC kit min. 6 channels, rather 7

Technical Data:

Rozpětí [mm] 1400
Délka [mm] 1100
Hmotnost [g] 1500
Plocha křídla [dm2] 27
Ovládané funkce S,V,K(2),M,F(2)
Stavební náročnost S1
Náročnost pilotáže P2

Pohon a RC vybavení:

ARF stavebnice
Motor *C3536-KV900
Regulátor *střídavý 30A
Vrtule *11x9E" třílistá
Akumulátor RAY G3 11,1 V 2200 mAh
Serva *6x mikro
RC souprava min. 6 kanálů, raději 7
*) Součást ARF stavebnice

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