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School kits motor glider with an AC motor. Model of nearly indestructible extruded expanded polypropylene (EPP). Rudder, elevator, ailerons. KIT (only model incl. Brushless motor)

BETA 1400 Trainers motor glider made ​​from high grade extruded polypropylene EPP driven by an AC motor. Thanks to its design with the engine mounted on a pylon under the wing very well to rough handling and endure even harder "čuchometrické" bow sticking to native soil, that of classical models with engine adds at least lead to damage to the propeller.

The fuselage with pylons under the wing prepared for the installation of an AC motor with rotating case CD2622 supplied in the kit is molded from EPP foam. Cables with wire rods for the rudder and elevator are already sealed, the location of the servos are ready shaft dimensions corresponding servos Hitec HS-55 or HS-65HB. Canopy is removable with magnetic closures. Two-piece wing is also molded from EPP, the ailerons are controlled by 2 servos stored in the wing with a short straight wire rods for which are already prepared pits corresponding servos Hitec HS-55 or HS-65HB. Wing combine carbon tube connection. The tail surfaces in a classical arrangement are made ​​of EPP, are controlled by means of wire cables. Engine cooling facilitates cooling air in the leading portion of the pylon, the cooling air flows through channels around the motor housing. Controlled by the ailerons, rudder, elevator and motor speed.

To control the model you need at least a four-channel RC set. In this case, the two aileron servos involved using a Y-cable (included in the kit) into a single channel. When connecting the receiver, refer to the instruction manual of your RC kit. Ideally, if you have at least a five-channel computer radio system that allows independent control of the aileron servos. In that case, you can set aileron differential, for starters, we recommend 50% - that is the down aileron deflection is half the upward deflection. It is also useful to mix the wings so as to simultaneously vychylovaly up in the air brakes to facilitate landing. To appreciate the smaller airfields, especially when flying on a slope. When adjusting air brakes make sure that even at full aileron up in the brakes to keep the possibility of full deflection of the aileron up in the role.

Brushless Speed ​​Controller should have a capacity of at least 18 A - is the perfect example RAY 18A.

To power Bety 1400, you will need three-cell Li-poly battery 11.1 V with a capacity of at least 1300 mAh (20C load). Model without problems "can carry" tříčlánky until about 2200 mAh.

BETA 1400 is designed for beginners as-always delivered - under the supervision of an experienced pilot, as well as for anyone who wants just so beautiful holiday travels. Its flight characteristics are pleasant and straightforward. Model will acquaint you with full control of the model around all three axes coordinated control with the right rudder, ailerons and elevator. This experience is "like finding" no later than right after you start flying with their first aerobatic models or (semi) scale model of any kind. By changing the ratio of the lengths of servo and rudder deflections can adjust the size of a large range. Beginner, start with small variations, safe and excessive "steerage"; experienced pilot sets the size, allowing a little bit of that větroňové basic aerobatics - loops, barrel rolls, Wing Over Beta going pretty well! The power is sufficient for a lively pitch, while not overly model přemotorovaný, which could create difficulties for novice pilots. BETA 1400 can also be used very strong thermals in the sky and can withstand "all ages".

ARTF includes: hull molded EPP, molded EPP wing, tail of EPP, carbon tube wing joiner, AC motor CD2622, a fixed propeller 5x4 "bag of small accessories and detailed instructions for building and flying.


Span (mm) 1420
Length (mm) 940
Wing area (dm2) 24.5
Weight (g) 650-720
Function V, K, S, M

Product inquiry: BETA 1400 kit - model including AC motor

Goods code: 4ST1480-K

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