USS Bluefish Submarine 838 mm

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Manufacturer: Dumas
Goods code: 4SP1245
EAN: 660141012456

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Product Description

Dumas - USS Bluefish Submarine 838 mm - 4SP1245

Kit U.S. submarine 838 mm with dynamic immersion advanced. Plastic body and předseknuté plastic parts, metal accessories Scale, shaft sleeve, 2 motors 380

USS Bluefish (SS 222) was a Gato class submarine, which entered the maids in the U.S. námořnictu in mid-1943. The nine combat cruises in the operational area ranging from the Dutch East Indies to the Japanese island of Honshu sank a transport ship of 50,839 GT destroyer Sanae and smaller chaser. Fat of the catch but was large oceanic submarine supply / tanker I-351 (along the lines of the German "dairy cows" for the supply of submarines or flying boats on the high seas). In the night of 15 August 1945 in the South China Sea Bluefish fregatního under the command of Captain Forbes caught on radar, I-351 floating on the surface. After an hour of careful maneuvering, the prosecution and Bluefish got into a perfect firing position; salvo of four torpedoes fired two full hit, I-351 exploded and sank with almost the entire crew and 42 pilots shipped from Singapore to Japan. After the war, the USS Bluefish demobilized, then even returned to service during the Korean War; finally decommissioned and was scrapped in 1958.

Kit submarines in Rozsyp to drive two electric motors 380 for advanced builders. The model is designed for dynamic immersion - ie a vessel is imported ballast so that protruded above the water surface only the upper torso tower - like a real submarine. Unlike a real submarine model does not flooding the ballast tanks, after the fulfillment of the merged (or empty again surfaced). Immersion is achieved when driving forward or backward by adjusting the hydroplane. The advantage is that in case of any failure of the driveline, the model will automatically emerge, the disadvantage is that the submarine can remain submerged only if it is in motion.

With almost ready to fly most of the parts is not particularly demanding construction of skill and workshop equipment - but, of course, careful, patient and above all flawless work in submarine construction is necessary to achieve a good result. For bonding, you will need medium superglue, epoxy and adhesive for bonding plastic models. The construction proceeds according třípohledového drawing at actual size captures the external appearance of submarines and other captures internal organization. Individual building steps are carried out by prospective drawings depicting in detail the construction of the ship, identified key steps and making accessories easier preprinted template in 1:1 scale. For the final finish color will be due to the small size of the total submarine comply with acrylic paint on plastic model kits.

The hull is made with a thick two-piece vacuum molding of plastic (compact polystyrene) with internal reinforcements of the same material. Access to the pressure waterproof fuselage allows detachable lid to which is mounted a tower of submarines vacuum molded plastic parts.

Scale accessories are made up of a number of parts made of brass, cast white metal and plastic. If you have enough taste and perseverance, you can let loose on a thorough elaboration of the tower with a periscope antennas, ordnance, etc. It's up to you how you want your job to depend ...

Propulsion are two electric motors 380 4.8 V supplied from šestičlánkového NiMH or NiCd battery (eg šestičlánek is suitable for RC Car 1:10). Propeller shaft with cardan joints and bushings are included in the kit. For a long voyage when using a large capacity battery, we recommend adding a water cooled engine.

Sufficient to control the ship at least any four-channel 40 MHz radio system (radio waves at a frequency of 2.4 GHz penetrate water), two-way electronic speed controller 30A at least one standard servo for rudder and another for hydroplanes.

Kit includes: vacuum moldings trunk, internal bulkheads and towers, předseknutá plastic rudder and hull cover, plastic rods, cast metal parts and other accessories Scale, 2x marine shaft sleeve, 2 orchid propeller 25 mm, a set of stickers, boat drawing scale 1:1, image building instruction.

Length [mm] 838
Width [mm] 107
Height [mm] 230
Controlled functions M, LK
Building intensity of S3
Difficulty piloting P1

Recommended drive and RC equipment:
Old salt
Engine: 2x "380" 4,8 V *
Controller: Graupner # 2880 V30R NAVY
Propeller: 2x 2-blade 25 mm *
Battery: Nosram 7.2 V 3000 mAh NiMH
Servos: 2x HS-311
Radio: min. 4 channels
*) Is included in the kit

Technical Data:

Délka [mm] 838
Šířka [mm] 107
Výška [mm] 230
Ovládané funkce M,LK
Stavební náročnost S3
Náročnost pilotáže P1

Doporučený pohon a RC vybavení:

  Mořský vlk
Motor 2x "380" 4,8V*
Regulátor Graupner #2880 V30R NAVY
Lodní šroub 2x 2-listý 25 mm*
Akumulátor Nosram 7,2 V 3000 mAh NiMH
Serva 2x HS-311
RC souprava min. 4 kanály
*) je součástí stavebnice

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