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Manufacturer: Hitec
Goods code: 1HI3304
EAN: 669962444705

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Product Description

Hitec - HPP-22 - 1HI3304

HPP-22 is a "magic box" that provides many communication Hitec RC device with a computer. HPP-22 simply connect normal USB cable and you can continuously update the firmware transmitters (in the near future, you'll need to upload the software to your favorite Aurora in English, Italian, Spanish, German ...), RF modules and receivers, transmit telemetry data to computer to store data from the transmitters, receivers set ...

What HPP-22 can do:

PC programmer for the 2.4 GHz transmitter (Aurora and future)
PC programmer for the 2.4 GHz RF Modules
PC Programmer for Hitec 2.4 GHz receiver (receiver Optima)
PC programmer for FM receivers with frequency synthesis (HSD-09RQ)
PC interface for firmware updates above devices
PC interface for transmitting, displaying, and storing telemetry data from the RF module SPECTRA 24 (requires telemetry receiver with data logger and sensors installed in the model) to the personal computer.

These functions are performed using a special PC program, which is free to download on the home page HPP-22 http://hitecrcd.co.kr/tester/tester.htm

Options programmer utility will gradually increase as they will be reported to the sale of other devices (eg telemetry), we therefore keep checking to see if a new version of the utility.

HPP-22 is supplied with a cable with a 3.5 mm jack for connecting to the teacher-pupil (for Aurora 9 Hitec transmitters and future) to backup data from a transmitter and a pair cables with standard servokonektory to connect to the RF modules and receivers.

To connect to a computer, you need a cable with USB A - Mini B 5-pin 2.0 (not included in kit programmer).


Software pro HPP-22

Software pro HPP-22

Oficiální link ke stažení software pro programátor HPP-22. 29.05.2013

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