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MINIMUM 6S 2.4 Ghz receiver AFHSS 6 channels without telemetry

MINIMUM 6S 2.4 Ghz receiver AFHSS 6 channels without telemetry

View Product - MINIMUM 6S 2.4 Ghz receiver AFHSS 6 channels without telemetry

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Manufacturer: Hitec
Goods code: 1HI28408

Product Description

Miniature six-channel 2.4 GHz receiver in a plastic box with AFHSS system without Hitec telemetry and increased supply voltage range (4-5 Ni-xx, 2S Li-poly). The reception is a pair of antennas without BODA system to save weight and ease of installation in the model. The receiver, specially developed for use in RTF sets, is designed for use in small models of all categories, thanks to miniature size, low weight and low current consumption is also suitable for very light indoor models, but so you can use it to be nearly two meters in engine gliders, such as the Easy Glider (producer of the guaranteed range is at least 300 m, in our tests receiver function reliably in more than twice the distance). Use AFHSS transmission technology provides high noise immunity.

Absence telemetry means reducing the current consumption of the receiver (which has "no waste" energy to transmit data back to the transmitter) to the level usual for FM receivers, so Minimo 6S can be used safely even in models with rechargeable batteries with very low capacity.

Pairing is done using SET programming button on the receiver operating states are indicated by LEDs.

The receiver is equipped with adjustable features fail-safe (emergency settings deflection), but the loss of signal from the transmitter receiver servo maintains the position corresponding to the last correctly adopted signal (corresponding to fail-safe mode HOLD).

MINIMUM 6S 2.4GHz receiver is equipped by the contact strips for standard connectors UNI (= JR / Graupner, Hitec, Futaba).

WARNING! For receivers, software MINIMUM RF module built SPECTRA 24 or VF Part 2.4 GHz transmitters Hitec (Eclipse 7 Pro Optic 6 Sport 2.4GHz Optic 5) must be version 3.01 or higher. Operating any update, see HERE .

Set the receiver comprising: a receiver MINIMUM 6S, instruction manual.

Modulation / Coding: 2.4GHz AFHSS
Number of channels: 6
Power supply: 4.8V, 6V, 7.2V, 7.4V, 3.6V
Subscribe free serv [mA]: 40
Length [mm] 30.4
Width [mm] 20.8
Height [mm] 10
Weight [g] 5.3

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Goods code: 1HI28408

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