MIG 500 Turbo 7.2 V Race

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Manufacturer: MEGAmotor
Goods code: 133078
EAN: 133078

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  • Product Description

  • Technical Data:

Product Description

DC motor MIG 500 Diameter 37 mm, length 49 mm.

It is equipped with a fan, which reduces the temperature of the rotor and thus increases the efficiency of the engine, further reinforced magnetic cloak, which in comparison with its predecessor means less electric consumption at the same load. Motor interference suppression two capacitors, inside the engine. The electric motor is designed as a high-speed, ideal for all models cars, competing boats and aircraft models powered blower. S 1:3 to 1:3.4 gear motor is suitable for all models of aircraft propellers FALCO 10x5, 5 ", Graupner CAM 10x6" folding or Jach 250/130 Pro automodeláře this motor can be recommended as a replacement engine from TAMIYA s SPORT TUNED indication (RS 540 MOTOR) to 7.2 V.

Voltage: 3.6 to 8.4 V
Speed: 22000 r / min
No-load current: 2A
Current at maximum efficiency: 12 A
Weight: 164 g (without shell), 191 g (with sheath)
Shaft diameter: 3,17 mm

Technical Data:

Napětí [V] 3,6 až 8,4
Jmenovité napětí [V] 7,2
Otáčky [ot/min] 22.000
Proud naprázdno [A] 2
Proud při max. účinnosti [A] 12
Hmotnost (s / bez pláště) [g] 164 / 191
Průměr [mm] 36
Délka [mm] 50
Průměr hřídele [mm] 3,17
Volná délka hřídele [mm] 18,4
Uchycení 2x M3 na rozteči 25 mm

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