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This versatile AFV was developed largely to give U.S. forces a potential counter to the German armor tactics which proved successful in the early stages of WWII. It utilized the successful M4A2 Sherman chassis with diesel powerplant, and mounted the 76.2mm gun in an open-top rotating turret; the hull featured extensive use of sloped armor, kept thin so as not to hinder maneuverability. Bosses were used on the turret and hull to facilitate the affixation of additional armor. Around 5,000 M10s were manufactured between September 1942 and December 1943, and it featured in action across North Africa and western Europe.

- Includes 3 lifelike figures


Scale: 1:35
Decals for 2 versions

Must buy:

The colors (on request)
Glue for plastic models

Produktanfrage: 1:35 M10

Warenkode: 79735350

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