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1:125 Thornier Armor

1:125 Thornier Armor

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Very little is known about the origin of boat fishing for 15kg white tuna, known also as albacore, but it seems to date far back. Between June and October, the tuna swim along the Basque coasts and then back north up to the Gulf of Gasgogne, moving progressively further from the coast. Fishing off the coast brings with it two types of constraint: having boats able to handle the high seas, and the ability to return quickly to harbour to sell the catch while it's still edible, but also in the event of a storm. In the 1880s a new type of boat appeared - the dandy - quickly nicknamed the “dundée” in French. The cutter rigging included two masts: a main mast made entirely of one piece, a large sail, a foresail and a rear sail.


Scale: 1:125
Length: 228 mm
Height: 235 mm
Number of parts: 89

Must buy:

The colors (on request)
Glue for plastic models

Dotaz na produkt: 1:125 Thornier Armor

Warenkode: 780609

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