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Manufacturer: skyrc
Goods code: SK-MET0C100

Product Description

-Purpose multimeter for model combines 7 functions in one device.

First Check the battery
Second Measurement of internal resistance alumulátoru
3rd Wattmeter
4.control features a servo controller
5th Optical tachometer
7.Výpočet stroke powerplant

Technical specifications
Input voltage 60V max
Supported Battery 2-8S LiPo / LiFe / LiIon
Power display: 0.001V
Max load current: 100A
Resistance value: 0.001ohm
Current measurement accuracy: 0.01
Temperature measurement in units of 1 Celsius / Fahrenheit 1
PPM signal range: 750uS - 2150uS
Supported number of blades: 1 to 5
Measured speed range: 1-60000RPM
Dimensions: 95.3x72.8x21.5mm
Weight: 85 g

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Goods code: SK-MET0C100

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