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Product Description

Motor yacht with electric drive with a plastic hull of an overall length of 700 mm for a pleasant holiday poježdění. The model is supplied complete, ready to sail with a pair of 400 series engines with additional aluminum radiator, fitted compact on-board electronics and a dual joystick transmitter 27 MHz AM. Model is governed by operating the engines - left stick you run both engines simultaneously for forward, right knob turning off or turning on the left or right motor and drive, so the direction of navigation.

The drive is supplied with a model sedmičlánková NiCd battery pack 8.4 V/1800 mAh (standard size with sub-C cells, as well can be used šestičlánek of RC model car 1:10) to serve its charging mains charger 450 mA. All that is necessary for the operation of the model purchased, eight AA (AA-size) alkaline batteries or rechargeable batteries for the transmitter.

RC set includes: finished model, ready for shipping, lever-channel transmitter, 2 spare propellers, propulsion 8.4 V/1800 mAh battery, mains charger and a plastic stand.

Overall length (mm) 700
Width (mm) 195
Height (mm) 225

Technical Data:

Délka [mm] 700
Šířka [mm] 195
Výška [mm] 225
Stavební náročnost S0
Náročnost pilotáže P1

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Goods code: 2RC3837

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