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Manufacturer: Artesanía Latina
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Product Description

These Micro Shapers B are the perfect tool for molding all kinds of miniatures: boats, buildings, dollhouses... 2 different sets of micro shapers (sold separately A and B) that belongs to the Micro Tools Collection: each one has 3 plates with 15/16 different shapes per plate. The tool works by drawing the shape along a strip of wood or plastic. This set of micro shapers allows you to shape / profile wooden and plastic strips.

The measures you can find in the micro shapers type B are:

0.059''x0.118'' (1,5x3 mm)

0.059''x0.157'' (1,5x4 mm)

0.059''x0.196'' (1,5x5 mm)

0.078''x0.118'' (2x3 mm)

0.118''x0.118'' (3x3 mm)

0.078''x0.196'' (3x5 mm)

0.196''x0.196'' (5x5 mm)

NOTE: Before using the micro shaper, a sandpaper should be used to eliminate burrs, rough edges or small irregularities.


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Goods code: AL27301

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