Gens ACE LiPo - 6S 3300mAh 22,2 V 25C 6S1P

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Manufacturer: Gens Ace - Acepow Electronics Co. Ltd
Goods code: ACE3300625

Product Description

LiPo battery companies Acepow Electronics, the company's twelve years of experience and the latest materials supplied exclusively from Japan and South Korea to tip-party modeling of automotive batteries. The quality of products is evidenced by the monthly production of all types of batteries ranging between 30th - 40 thousands of pieces.
Acepow Electronics Company received for its prestigious products quality certificate ISO 9001:2000 and all products are certified by CE, UL, FCC and RoHS.

Technical specifications
3300-6S (22.2 V)
Dimensions: 133 x 42 x 59 mm
Weight: 600 grams
Max. load current: 25C permanently
Max. Charging current: 5 C
Type of service connector: JST / PQ / TP / XH

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Goods code: ACE3300625

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