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Product Description

The book was a summary of the articles that Mr. Horejsi over the years was writing in response to questions, problems or concerns with the operation of RC models and publish them on its website. In short introductory chapters present basic problems which each new adept meet. Further issues are discussed that beginners often troubling because they are for him "invisible" or they are not given proper importance - the center of gravity, twisting, etc. are explained in more detail some of the concepts that are often not clear or advanced modelers: for example, the influence of center of gravity on the flight characteristics , the proper propeller and engine.

In addition to explaining a number of concepts in the book 'electric motor and how to do it' and learn a number of other models related information. For example, how should you deal with automotive batteries, how to properly adjust the speed controllers or how to choose suitable servo. You will also learn many important information about themselves electric motors.

Author Ing. Ivan Horejsi trying to explain in the book a number of superstitions and myths, even though he has no illusions that could be completely refute. The whole book is written from the user's perspective and is intended for the general public, it is no encyclopedia intended only technically oriented readers.

Author publications Ing. Ivan Horejsi
Pages 94
Format A5

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Goods code: HO904

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