Conversion set AFHSS 2.4 GHz Combo B + 2x Optima 7

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The transmitter module for Optic 6 with antenna + 2x Optima 7 Receiver

Compatibility modules Hitec TX

SPECTRA 24 AFHSS 2.4GHz telemetry module designed for power supply of 9.6 V (osmičlánek) and 7.2 V (šestičlánek) can be used in all Hitec transmitters with exchangeable HF module. To avoid confusion when using different RF modules have a transmitter with power supply of 7.2 V (ie Aurora 9) pětikolíkový connector for RF module located in a different position. SPECTRA module 24 has therefore Ten-pin, although all types of transmitters involved only 5 outlets - five left or right by the supply voltage of the transmitter.

The existing 35 and 40 MHz RF Modules Hitec are designed only for power supply of 9.6 V, and therefore can only be used in existing transmitters (Optic 6, Eclipse and Prism 7), which are fed from osmičlánkových sets.

SPECTRA PRO PLL (35 or 40 MHz) will VF frequency synthesizer modules for classical or band 35. 40 MHz for the transmitter RF module with replaceable power supply 7.2 V - ie AURORA 9th

2.4 GHz plug-ins from other manufacturers are not designed only for transmitter power supply of 9.6 V (Optic 6, Eclipse and Prism 7), so - if only because of the position connector - can not be used in the transmitter Aurora 9th

Product inquiry: Conversion set AFHSS 2.4 GHz Combo B + 2x Optima 7

Goods code: 1HI29424

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