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1:72 Transall C-160G "GABRIEL"

1:72 Transall C-160G "GABRIEL"

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Product Description

The "GABRIEL" was put into service in the French Air Force in 1989 and was first used by the 54th. Tactical Surveillance Squadron, based at Metz A conversion of the C 160 NG (New Generation) into an airborne electronic surveillance unit, the C 160 G "GABRIEL" remains a top secret aircraft. A row of aerials along top of fuselage, various blisters on both sides, a retractable radome under the nose, and the wing-tip pods are the main external differences from the C 160 NG. The Transall "GABRIEL" saw active service during the Gulf war as well as in ex-Yugoslavia.


Scale: 1:72
Wingspan: 556 mm
Length: 474 mm
Number of parts: 82

Must buy:

The colors (on request)
Glue for plastic models

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Goods code: 780387

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