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Product Description

Glider category A1 (F1H) classic balsa construction.

Glider category F1H (A1) to design airfoils coated paper. Powerful glider for advanced modellers who have already mastered the construction Trempíka, jays, owls or sparks. The model starts to lift 50 m rope (nylon fishing line). Rudder is equipped with the classic "shredders" - wire connected to the towing hook the rudder when the lift is maintained in position for straight years in the "off" tow-line is released and the cable "shredders" and rubber thread attached to her tail swung into position for climbing. For competition flying can be added to the timer closing years of the elevator by pulling up the competition flown "maxima" - timeout 120 s; prevents also flown the model when the Olympic settle down with success in thermals. During construction, thanks to precision CNC carved works make do with only the most basic tools (modeling knife, scissors, modeling pins, flat hair brush) pattern, using glue (Kanagom, L-510, UHU-hart, etc.), stretching and adhesive coating.

Kit includes pre-sanded and cut balsa parts of the fuselage, wings and tail, spruce beams, sandpaper, burden, lining paper, rubber attachment on the wings, glue, construction plan at a scale of 1:1 on two sheets and detailed instructions.

Span Length Weight Severity
1205 mm 860 mm 320 g * S1/P0

*) 220 g minimum weight is prescribed competition rules for non-racing purposes may be lighter model

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Goods code: 4ST11025

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