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Scale model of the French fighter aircraft of I. sv. War with rubber actuator. Laser cut parts, propellers, rubber coating and volume. material. Wingspan 610 mm. Suitable for conversion to RC electro.
Very nimble and maneuverable jedenapůlplošník Nieuport 11, called "Bébé" (Baby) was France's answer to the introduction of the German Fokker E.III monoplane fighter armed with a synchronized machine gun firing range of the propeller. Because the British nor the French have long failed to develop the reliable synchronizer, wore their gun fighters to hinge on the canopy of the upper wing. This emergency measure had plenty of drawbacks - especially when replacing the tank - but again allowed to attack the most vulnerable spot enemy reconnaissance and bomber aircraft from behind and below. Also, the ignition and jolting ammunition guns were deadly enemy of the German observation balloons and airships filled with highly flammable hydrogen.

Kit is a Nieuport 11 colors Eskadrille Lafayette, unit of American volunteers serving in the French Air Force before the U.S. entry into the war.

Free Flight Scale Model Kit jedenapůlplošníku fighter of World War I, designed for propulsion by rubber, instructions and plans allow you to build a model as well as a free-flying powered internal combustion engine 0.33 cc or as elaborate static model in museum quality.

Model is a classic balsa construction in Rozsyp with laser carved wooden parts, scale accessories from vacuum-molded plastic, plastic injection molding parts drawn by a předseknutými parts of "plastic plywood", a light and strong material to replace traditional plywood.

Nieuport 11 is also suitable for conversion to RC model with electric drive - although this construction plan of variants offer for experienced modellers would not be a big problem.

Kit includes: Laser cut balsa parts, balsa wood beams, předseknuté plywood, plastic parts, vacuum-molded parts Scale (bonnet, dummy engine, machine gun ...), plastic propeller shaft and head, rubber harness (5x1mm rubber), plastic wheels , steel strings on chassis and other small parts, plastic wheels, lining paper, wet decal sheet, building plan.

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Goods code: 4SH0203

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