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Product Description

Elegant 3D aerobatic middle-classical design of lightweight balsa and plywood. Thick profile and low wing loading gives excellent performance at low speeds and allows for almost unlimited aerobatic maneuvers. For ease of transport is a two-piece wing with aluminum alloy pipe coupling. The model is designed to drive a motor 6.5-8 cc (2T) or 8-12 cc (4T). The design is less "žbrdličková" than is the case with ARF 3D acrobats habit, so that will satisfy even the more traditionally based builder who else to models of "předhavarovaných parts" look with a great deal of contempt. Kit includes laser-carved parts of balsa and light plywood, duralumin chassis, cab molding, a set of quality accessories, plastic wheel covers, sheet of stickers, drawing and image guidance. Expect that to use the full aerobatic capabilities you'll need a computer radio system, which allows you to set exponential deflections.

Recommended drive and RC equipment
Motor - ASP S52A
Propellers - APC 12,25 x3, 75 "
Tank (cc) - 250-350
Servos - 5x HS-422
RC kit - min. 5 channels

The range of model: 1308 mm
Wing Area: 39.6 dm2
Wing loading: 48-54 g/dm2
Controlled functions: 4
Recommended motor: 6.5 to 7.5 cc 2-stroke, 9.0 to 11.0 cc 4-stroke

Contents of the kit: laser cut parts, engine, duralumin chassis, authentic decal

Technical Data:

Rozpětí [mm] 1308
Délka [mm] 1226
Hmotnost [g] 1928 - 2155
Plocha křídla [dm2] 39.6
Ovládané funkce S,V,K(2),M
Stavební náročnost S2
Náročnost pilotáže P2,P3


Doporučený pohon a RC vybavení:
Motor Regulátor Akumulátor Vrtule Serva RC souprava
AXI 4120/14 JES SPIN 55 FOXY 5000 4 nebo 5s (14,8/18,5 V) APC 12x8E 4x HS-225BB(MG) min. 5 kanálů
PHASOR 45/3 JES SPIN 55 Sanyo RC 1600 4/5 SC 12-16 čl. APC 12x8E - 11x7E 4x HS-225BB(MG) min. 5 kanálů

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Goods code: 3DK1511

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