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Product Description

Semi amateur aerobatic aircraft originally designed and built by Frank Smith in Fullerton, California in 1957. Fully aerobatic biplane powered by a Lycoming engine of 100 HP, was one of the first successful types that started the still ongoing golden age of amateur home construction. As a model for kit aircraft serving the real president of SIG from the mid-70th years.

The model has a pleasant flight characteristics suitable for less experienced pilots, but thanks polosouměrnému airfoils and good acrobatic skills. Especially rolls and rolls of football are a treat. Especially for a two-stroke engine 6.5 - 8 cc or 10 cc four stroke engine light, such as the new ASP FS-61st Classic balsa construction, ABS cowl, pre-bending chassis, high-quality accessories and sheet of stickers ...

Wingspan: 1120 mm
Length: 1040 mm
Recommended drive: two-stroke engine 6.5 - 8 ccm
Flying weight: 2400 g
Controlled functions: 4

Recommended drive and RC equipment
Motor Propeller Tank (ccm) RC Servos Kit
ASP S46A MA 11x5 "250-300 5x HS-422 min. 5 channels
ASP FS-61AR MA 12x6 "250-300 5x HS-422 min. 5 channels

Technical Data:

Rozpětí [mm] 1118
Délka [mm] 1026
Plocha křídla [dm2] 41.9
Hmotnost [g] 2380
Doporučený objem nádrže [ml] 250 - 300
Ovládané funkce S,V,K(2),M
Stavební náročnost S2,S3
Náročnost pilotáže P2,P3

Doporučený pohon a RC vybavení:

  2T Smithy 4T Smithy
Motor ASP S46A O.S. MAX AX46 ASP FS-61AR O.S. MAX FS-a-56
Vrtule MA 11x5“ MA 11x6“ MA 12x6“ MA 12x8“
Nádrž (ccm) 300 300 250-300 250
Serva 5xHS-322 nebo HS-430BH
Serva digi 5x HS-5485HB nebo HS-5496BH
RC souprava min. 4 kanály

Doporučený pohon a RC vybavení - elektrolet:

  FOXY Smithy
Motor FOXY G2 C3520-880
Regulátor FOXY R-65SB
Akumulátor RAY G3 14,8 V 2700 mAh
Vrtule APC 13x6,5E
Serva 4x HS-225BB nebo MG
Serva digi 4x HS-5245MG nebo HS-7245MG
RC souprava min. 4 kanály

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Goods code: 3DK1502

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