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1:24 RC tank Type 90 set

1:24 RC tank Type 90 set

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Manufacturer: Pelikán
Goods code: 2RC3808

Product Description

Type 902 is a modern Japanese tank constructed in the mid 80th years. It is dimensionally smaller representative of the category labeled "Main Battle Tank" - fast, heavily armored vehicle with a big gun, which bears the brunt of the fighting. Type 90 is equipped with the most modern modular ceramic composite armors providing maximum resistance to modern tank projectiles and anti-tank missiles. Type 90 is powered by a Mitsubishi diesel ten-power of 1500 HP, which gives the vehicle a weight of over 50 tons speed up to 70 km / h on the road and excellent acceleration 20 seconds from a standstill to full speed. Armed with the same 120 mm gun as the Leopard 2 and M1A2 Abrams, who is but a mechanical charger, so the tank dispenses with the charger, allowing significantly reduce the size of the tower. Ancillary equipment consists of 7.62mm. More details about the actual tank:

RC Type 90 model with electric drive faithfully performs most functions of a real tank. It features realistic landing gear functional belts, drive, traversing a tensioning wheels that allow forward and backward, turning left and right in forward and reverse. There is also a purely tank "tweaks" - turning on the spot using a counter-rotating motion belts. Is remotely controlled and turret rotation (at an angle of 320 º) and elevated cannon (lowering and raising of the barrel). And not only that - model really shoots! His gun is not just imitation, but it's an air cannon with motorized actuator (air-soft) and automatic recharging shooting 6 mm plastic BB bullets. "Ammunition" is stored in a tank in the tower, thanks to the granting additional projectiles rotation, which helps to reduce the influence of gravity on the trajectory, the range cannons to 25 m for practice shooting them with a paper target model comes with a stand.

The transmitter supplied with the model not only allows direct control of the model in "real time", but it has stored in the memory of six demonstration programs allowing automatic operation of the tank. In addition, you can program your own "kit" and arrange with friends to be "tank Spartakiada" or compete in the slalom course by passing a pre-set program. Self-control is performed six large buttons (move the tank forward and sideways movement backwards and sideways). Another three small buttons on the transmitter is used for running demo programs or programming your own "kit", two buttons control the rotation of the tower to the right or to the left, one button controls the elevation of the gun. Press the button on the back of the transmitter is classified higher speed, by pressing the buttons on the front and back of the transmitter fires the cannon.

RC controlled model kit operates in the 27 MHz transmitter and receiver models are equipped with three-position switch, enabling switch three operating channels, which allows simultaneous operation of multiple tanks at once.

The transmitter is powered platelet 9 V battery (not included) model is powered by a set of eight-cell NiCd 9.6 V 1000 mAh (AA cells) supplied with the model with an AC charger.

The model is intended to be driven in a room, in any case, do not ride with him in the water, puddles, mud, sand, tall grass, on public roads and other areas (eg parking) with car traffic. Unsuitable surfaces are also high "hairy" carpets.

Kit includes: nearly finished model ready to ride, Scale Accessories, sheet labels, transmitter, flight battery 9.6 V, 1 pack of BB bullets, mains charger, paper target with stand.

Attention! Special warnings!
Dealing with air-soft weapons caution and strict observance of all rules for their use.

There shall be separately operated by persons under 14 years of age without adult supervision.
Against accidental firing is secured by a switch in the model space for ammunition and protective cover mainly (except its own fire must be constantly deployed!) Just before the shot gun activity is indicated by red LED located on the tower next to the cannon.
All persons present fire must be worn goggles for air-soft shooter.
It is forbidden to aim and shoot at people or animals.
Never look into the barrel - gun may result in accidental interference from external signals spontaneously fire.
Any manipulation of the model performed with attached protective cap barrel, switch off fire tower to the OFF position and vyprázdněným magazine.
After shooting the ball may be charged in the mechanism of a cannon, while not looking into the tray to see. After emptying the tank so always burn Mirena WOUND OF SECURITY - no-load-placed shot, for sure.

Length incl. cannon [mm] 405
Width [mm] 150
Height [mm] 110

Technical Data:

Délka vč. kanónu [mm] 405
Šířka [mm] 150
Výška [mm] 110

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Goods code: 2RC3808

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