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RAY programming card for R-20/50A BEC

RAY programming card for R-20/50A BEC

View Product - RAY programming card for R-20/50A BEC

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Manufacturer: Ray
Goods code: 1RC22020

Product Description

Programming card for air regulators RAY used to easily and quickly program the controllers - at home "on the table" or even at the airport. Programming card can also be used for setting regulators in ARF and RTF models of EPP FOX Daniel Pelikan 2300, ASK-23 (2300 mm), ASW-28 (2300 mm), Cessna 182 (1400 mm), Cessna 400 (1400 mm) , Piper J-3 Cub (1400 mm) and EPP models of fighters and bombers series Warbird Series (1400 mm) and Baby Warbirds (750-800 mm).

The controller is connected via servocable socket is located on the top of the card. Supply card is provided by the BEC power stabilizer regulator RAY or from the current 4-5Article. NiCd or NiMH battery přijímačového connected to the card (if the controller OPTO). Programming is done with an attached motor drive and battery (even if OPTO controllers).

RAY controllers can be programmed in the model with mounted propeller - for security reasons, but we recommend when programming the propeller removed - To avoid possible accidents when any failure or operator error.

For programming, the jumper pushing the contacts on the circuit card. First, attach all the jumpers in position to select the desired values. Then connect the card to the controller and connect the drive battery. The controller will beep to confirm save the set parameters; disconnect the drive battery and card - and that's all you can take off!

The list of features and possible values ​​indicated on the label on the card, a detailed description of the functions is given in the instructions supplied with regulators RAY.

[V] 5 - 6.3
Length [mm] 55
Width [mm] 42.5
Height [mm] 3.5
Weight [g] 6.5

Dotaz na produkt: RAY programming card for R-20/50A BEC

Goods code: 1RC22020

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