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Product Description

GPS sensor provides information about the course, speed, altitude, longitude and latitude, distance and trajectory.

Hitec GPS sensor is specially designed for use in RC models moving in three-dimensional space - unlike antennas GPS navigation for cars capable of receiving signals from satellites in a single direction (perpendicular to the surface of the sensor) is a cubic Hitec antenna capable of receiving 5-way . This allows stably receive GPS data, even when the 3D flying.

The sensor is easily mounted using double-sided foam adhesive tape on the upper part of the model so that the cubic antenna should be "free view" on the navigation satellites circling in orbit around the earth cable and the sensor pointing in the longitudinal axis of the model.

GPS provides common information (displayed on the display of the Aurora 9):
altitude (absolute figures) or relative height compared to the take off point (selected by software on the transmitter Aurora 9 or PC software)
Date and Time (Greenwich, UTC - two hours behind Central European Summer Time, one hour behind Central European Time)
speed motion model

On the computer monitor connected via the HPP-22 can still watch:
rate model
model of distance in a straight line and the distance
distance of the model from the orthogonal projection model of the earth to the starting point

PC also allows to record the flight (travel) and the memory to store data of all sensors not only GPS
The date format (day / month / year), using the metric or anglosasských (Imperial) units of measurement and method of indicating the height (absolute / relative) is set by software on the transmitter Aurora 9 or PC software.

Note: Accuracy and stability of data, of course, depend on the number of navigation satellites that GPS sensor "sees".

Note: When you first start the system takes the initial focus position somewhat longer - also depending on where you are. Once the system is in operation, remembers the last position for about 4 hours. When turned on again at the same place during those four hours, the initial positioning much faster.

Note: In extreme 3D flying can cause loss of signal. If this occurs, try to stabilize the model in level flight until the connection is restored with navigation satellites.

The set includes sensors: GPS sensor cubic antenna and cable, double sided foam adhesive tape.

Height 0 ~ 9000 m
Speed ​​0 ~ 559 km / h
Kurs 0 ~ 360 °
The repetition frequency measurement position with 0.5
The length of the sensor cable 250 mm
Dimensions (body sensors with feet) 23x22x16 mm
Weight (including cable) 7 g

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Goods code: 1HI29936

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