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Product Description

The four-level sensor in the fuel tank.

Fuel level sensor signals the pilot 5 levels of fuel in the tank (full, three quarters, half, quarter, blank). The sensor provides data even when inverted, is designed for use only in models with glow plug (methylakoholové fuel).

Installation is very simple. Sensor just stick to the outside of the tank, connect the sensor to attach the double-sided adhesive tape to the appropriate part of the model, connect the cable to the sensor telemetry control panel and go fly. For particularly easy mounting sensor is composed of a flexible PCB, an adhesive layer (covered with protective foil) on both sides and connectors are replicated - the short and long side of the sensor.

Caution - The switch on before natankováním tank, otherwise it would have been incorrectly auto-calibration sensor is turned on.

During extreme 3D flying sensor data can be imprecise. If this happens, try for a few seconds depend (for helicopter) or go to horizontal flight (aircraft) to once again get the correct figure.

Sensor set includes: fuel level sensor with cable, double sided foam adhesive tape, 3 sensors (40x25 mm, 52x25 mm and 62,5 x25 mm).

Full Range, 3/4, 1/2, 1/4, Empty
The length of the sensor cable 250 mm
Dimensions (transmitter) 40x17x5 mm
Dimensions (probe) 40x25 mm, 52x25 mm and 62,5 x25 mm, thickness 0.4 mm
Weight (sensor + sensor) 5 g

Tip: When connecting the sensor to the sensor connector, follow these steps: Hold the sensor so you can see the inscription "HTS-FUEL" nail of the thumb and index finger, gently pull the fuse beige connector. Do "unlocked" carefully insert the connector plug on the flexible printed circuit board sensor so you can see gold items for each contact. Gently push the stop (about 5 mm) and secure it by inserting a fuse sensor connector. If you plug the sensor in the wrong direction, it will not make contact and the device will not work.

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Goods code: 1HI29935

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