5832 HTS-SS Nitro Telemetry panel

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Product Description

Electronic control unit that collects data from various telemetry sensors designed especially for models with an internal combustion engine. 8 sensor inputs (4x temperature, speed 2x, 1x GPS, 1x fuel level).

Telemetry data logger used to collect data from external sensors (sensors to 8) and transfer to jejjich telemetry receiver Hitec with data input (at the moment Optima Optima 7 and 9). As suggested by the name "Nitro" is optimized primarily for internal combustion engine-powered models - airplanes, helicopters, cars and boats. The panel includes electronics "serving" the individual sensors - is therefore not possible to connect the sensor itself directly to the receiver, but always only through the exchange.

For proper operation it is necessary to check in advance (and where necessary update with HPP-22) that:

Aurora 9 transmitter software (if applicable) is version 1.07 or later
software transmitter module Spectra 24 (VF or work with Optic 6 Sport 2.4 GHz) is version 2.0 or later
software receiver Optima (7 or 9) is version 2.0 or later

The panel requires no setup, connects via two cables supplied with it - a cable with twisted multiwire telemetry leads to the DATA input of the receiver, flat cable to provide power to the control panel and sensors (4.8 to 8.4 V). You can connect it directly into an unused servovýstupu receiver. If they are all occupied, then use the Y-cable, or you can bring power directly from the battery switch přijímačového.

In addition to the data output (DATA) and the power connector (P) data logger has eight outlets with nezáměnnými connectors for different types of sensors sensors:

R1, R2 - connection speed sensors
F - for connecting fuel level sensor
G - to connect a GPS sensor
T1, T2, T3, T4 - for connection of temperature sensors

You can connect up to two speed sensors, no matter whether magnetic or optical socket number indicates the address to which the sensor appears on the Aurora 9 transmitter display or the computer when connected via HPP-22 to the transmitter module.

Similarly, you can connect up to four temperature sensors, socket number again indicates the address of the sensor.

Set telemetry control panel includes: telemetry panel HTS-SS Nitro, power cable, data cable and double-sided foam adhesive tape.

Power supply 4.8 to 8.4 V (max. 2S Li-poly)
Operating temperature range -20 ° C ~ +60 ° C
Dimensions 34x24x5 mm
Weight 7 g without cable, 12 gs cables

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Goods code: 1HI29932

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