Optic 6 Sport 2.4GHz with MINIMA 6S Receiver (Mode 1)

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Product Description

Proven and popular RC kit for recreational modelařina OPTIC 6 Sport, thanks to 2.4 GHz technology AFHSS being born a second time! Retained all the features of the original 35/40 MHz version, you get extra high reliability and safety 2.4 GHz transmission and other conveniences, such as fail-safe or drawer for backup on PC, software updates and the ability to track the transmitter telemetry data to an external display device (eg, notebook with USB interface connected HPP-22).

Optic 6 Sport is slightly simplified provedeníoblíbeného Optic 6, optimized for the recreational hobby that from your radio does not expect any special "fancy", but requires reliable provision of "basic life functions" without having to spend a lot of time programming and setup.

That is the Optic 6 Sport: save settings in memory for 10 models - all around Servo end (size, sense, exponential, double deflection, subtrim). For powered aircraft and gliders ensure control butterfly flying wings and tail surfaces, ailerons controlled by two servos and mixing as flaps or brakes, even a butterfly mix. There is also a free programmable mix with switchable trimovánín controlled channel, so you can add functionality to which basic program or easy to remember "serve" dominated by two elevator servos. For helicopters with both mechanically and electronically mixed by rotor head has now obvious convenience of four flight modes with five-point throttle curve and pitch, revomixem and control gain setting.

Of course, measuring the time of flight, allow switching off the engine by pressing a button ...

General program functions

  • 10 model memories
  • size adjustable deflection
  • reversing direction of deflection
  • subtrimy
  • Dual Rates and Exponential
  • reset memory
  • Adjustable Mode 1 or 2
  • freely programmable mix with switchable transmission trim
  • timer
  • female teacher-pupil (3.5 mm jack)
  • failsafe (values ​​stored in the receiver)
  • sound low voltage signal receiver

Programs for aircraft

  • mix Flaperon
  • mix elevons (flying wing)
  • butterfly tail
  • mix aileron-rudder
  • mix elevator-flap
  • mix camber (curvature of the trailing edge)

Programs for helicopters

  • mix swashplate (CCPM 120 ° / 90 ° or mechanical)
  • yaw-mix gas
  • 5-point throttle curve and pitch
  • autorotation
  • revomix
  • gain control gyro
  • flight modes Normal and Idle Up 1 and 2

Set includes:
Tx transmitter with batteries, Optima 6 receiver 2.4 GHz AFHSS, # 4121 Receiver battery 4.8 V 1300 mAh NiMH

Modulation / Coding 2.4GHz AFHSS
Number of channels 6
Power 7.2V

Compare features Optic 6 and Optic 6 Sport

Function Optic 6 Optic 6 Sport
Types of models ACRO / glide / HELI ACRO / glide / HELI
Memory models 8 10
Nast. the deflection of all channels all channels
Turning deflections all channels all channels
Subtrim all channels all channels
Exponential function Channel 1, 2 and 4 Channel 1, 2 and 4
Dual Rates Channel 1, 2 and 4 Channel 1, 2 and 4
The teacher / pupil yes, DIN yes, jack 3.5 mm
Mode Drivers 1 or 2 1 or 2
Přiřaditelnost switches yes no
The model name 7 characters no
Operating time yes no
Timekeeping 2 1
LCD display 62 x 31 mm 49 x 25.5 mm
RF module removable no
Programs ACRO / Glide
Flaperon yes yes
Differentiation of the wings yes yes
Elevon yes yes
Butterfly tail yes yes
Aileron-rudder yes yes
The elevator-flap yes yes
Shutter speed yes yes
Butterfly mix yes yes
The elevator servo 2 yes no
Trim flaps yes no
The landing configuration yes no
Control Knobs / trims 2 no
Programmable mix 2 (no trim) 1 (with trim)
Switching off the engine yes yes
Programs HELI
Swashplate 120 ° / 90 ° 120 ° / 90 °
Mix yaw-gas yes yes
The throttle 5 points 5 points
Collective pitch 5 points 5 points
Autorotation yes yes
Revomix yes yes
Gyro gain Normal/Acro1/Acro2/Autorotace Normal/Acro1/Acro2 / / autorotation
Flight mode Normal/Acro1/Acro2/Autorotace Normal/Acro1/Acro2 / / autorotation
Rotary trimmers 2 no
Switching off the engine yes yes

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Goods code: 1HI1095

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