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1:48 Nakajima Ki-84-I Type 4 Hayate (Frank)

1:48 Nakajima Ki-84-I Type 4 Hayate (Frank)

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The Nakajima Ki-84 Hayate was a single-seat fighter used by the Imperial Japanese Army Air Service in World War II. The Allied reporting name was "Frank"; the Japanese Army designation was Army Type 4 Fighter. Featuring excellent performance and high maneuverability, the Ki-84 was considered to be the best Japanese fighter to see large scale operations during World War II. It was able to match any Allied fighter, and to intercept the high-flying B-29 Superfortresses. Its powerful armament increased its lethality. The Ki-84 was the fastest fighter in the Imperial Japanese military if good fuel was used and the aircraft was in good shape.


Scale: 1:48
Wingspan: 234 mm
Length: 207 mm
Decals for 2 versions

Required Items:

The colors (on request)
Glue for plastic models

Produktanfrage: 1:48 Nakajima Ki-84-I Type 4 Hayate (Frank)

Warenkode: 78909067/JT67

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