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Caribic Boat Kit

Caribic Boat Kit

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RC motoryacht with total lenght 535 mm; it is suitable for the beginner modellers. Can be used with electric motor SPEED 400/7,2V fed by six NiCd accumulators with capacity of 3300 mAh and any two- channel RC system, controller 16A. The electric motor must be cool by the cooling spiral. The plastic kits contains only four vacuum-formed plastic parts ( hull, deck, cabin, stand ) for fast assembly. The kit contains also the parts for fitting the individual components of the RC system (motor bed, receiver bed, servo system bed, controller bed) and the parts of running hardware ( rudder bearing, rudder blade, rudder arm, three blades propeller, shaft, jointed coupling ). Other accessories for finishing the model (alarm siren, ladder, railings , flag, searchlight, lights , radar, , draw plates ) are included too. The construction of the model is detailly described in illustrated instructions (English or German ). The model surface finish is made by using a colourful stick on label with windows and name of boat.

You will need:

Motor 400/7,2 V
Cooling coil
Radio and receiver: min. 2 channel
Speed control: 16A

Technical data:

Length: 535mm

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Warenkode: 4ST20273

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