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Regulátor Emax Simon serie 6A

Regulátor Emax Simon serie 6A

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Hersteller: EMax
Warenkode: 2210006


Universal speed controller for AC (brushless) motors suitable for aircrafts, helicopters and quadcopters. Max. continuous current: 6A. The speed controller is not compatible with Hitec Aurora 9, Hitec Lite 4 and some Turnigy transmitters.


Low - overvoltage protection, thermal protection, signal loss protection, safe power, self - control functions
Excellent progress in the low speed
Max Speed: 210,000 rpm. / 2 - pole, 70,000 rpm. / 6 - pole, 35,000 rpm / 12 - pole
Separate power supply for MCU and BEC, enhanced ability of the regulator to eliminate interference
Controller parameters can be set via program card or transmitter
The scope of the programmer can be configured to be compatible with different receivers
Option three linear curves of gas for flexible control of the helicopter
Availability reverse rotation of the motor is only possible through a programmable transmitters


Type: ESC-6A
Continuous current max: 6A
Inrush current max: 8A
Number of cells LiPo: 2
Dimensions: 22 x 17 x 7 mm
Weight (g): 5
BEC: 0,8A
Programmable: yes

Produktanfrage: Regulátor Emax Simon serie 6A

Warenkode: 2210006

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