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1:32 John Deere Crop Sprayer

1:32 John Deere Crop Sprayer

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Preis in e-shop mit MwSt.: 64,13 €
Preis im Laden: 67,51 €
Hersteller: SIKU
Warenkode: 1664065


In the original, the new self-propelled crop sprayer from John Deere is a winner because of its 36 metre wide sprayer boom. SIKU implements this in detail, with the result that the model has a width of over 110 cm. A record for the playroom! As well as this impressive detail, the model is also equipped with all-wheel steering which can be operated via the steering wheel in the cab. The removable cab, the bonnet which can be opened, and the fillable and removable tank round out the image of this extraordinary high-quality model. The Model is made of metal and plastic.

Produktanfrage: 1:32 John Deere Crop Sprayer

Warenkode: 1664065

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